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Renal Transplantation in Kerala

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Westfort Hitech Hospital is one of the approved centres for Renal transplantation in Kerala. Kidney transplant is done from live related donors by a skilled surgeon, with extensive experience abroad. Our highly motivated and experienced team of Renal transplant specialists provide holistic care, resulting in a high success rate.

We have done a number of Renal transplantation cases successfully in a short span.  We have a long list of patients waiting for transplantation.  Since most of these patients come from poor economic background, we are doing this procedure in a most economic method which most of them can afford.  However, we feel that the society can provide a helping hand to these needy patients.

The Urology department at Westfort Hitech Hospital provides advanced diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedures for all kidney‐related problems. We provide urological care for infertility, erectile dysfunction, urological cancers, congenital and stone diseases.Our doctors leverage their combined experience and knowledge to provide specialised care to our patients suffering from cancer and other urological problems. Apart from General Urology, the department has dedicated units for Endourology, Renal Transplantation, Paediatric Urology and Laparoscopic Urology and Reconstructive Urology.

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