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Obesity Clinic

Obesity has become a major cause behind a lot of deaths or rather diseases that leads to death and thus qualifies for a particular care. Our Obesity clinic derives means to fight the natural and unnatural development of fat using all the latest techniques and prose available regarding the subject. Even though diverse opinion prevail on whether it is a condition or a medical condition that needs treatment there are no two opinions on the fact that Obesity leads to diseases that can affect critically. Hence our Obesity Clinic serves and assists other departments even while working independently.

Dental Clinic

Dental treatment is not just a medical treatment for the present generation. It is also relevant aspect that defines the feature of a human being. Good features can certainly induce a lot of confidence and satisfaction which rules out many other diseases which an inhibited and tentative mind can develop. On such grounds our dental clinic is most modern with all latest techniques and equipments available.

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetis though an age old disease continues to haunt populace world over. Our Clinic continues the stringency and diligence over this disease and strives to bring it under control. With its excellent facilities and the most recent of equipments it without doubt has a very high reckoning which it duly fulfills as our past records corroborate.

Kidney Stone Clinic

Including Isaac Newton people infected with Kidney stone disease are by no means few and the disease dates back to some 5000 years. Still the disease persists because who bothers to drink water unless thirsty and there are not many who are not vulnerable to animal protein. However our Clinic does have solutions which are both preventive and as treatment. As all of our other Clinics this too is not shy of any modern facilities since we are very much aware of the relevance of the disease in particular terms and hence are committed to fight against it.

Allergy & Asthma Clinic

These days to suffer an allergy from unknown is not a big deal. Such is the exorbitance in emission of various pollutions through dust, gas and air. It is still believed and in fact a truth that chronic Asthma has no cure. Still consistent monitoring and systematic visits to clinics can keep it under control without affecting the routine life of a human being. Our Clinic more than serves the purpose since it constantly updates both technically and academically regarding.

TB Clinic

Tuberculosis better known as TB was once thought of as a disease that will serve extinction. However diseases as we all know won’t just leave us. Hence we always have to be vigilant. The fact that India once or twice has recorded the maximum number of TB patients pronounces the relevance of the Clinic.

Thyroid Clinic

Such a beautifully shaped organ alike that of a butterfly promoting such serious problems is perhaps God’s own play. However Thomas Wharton felt it like a shield and named it so in 1656. Thyroid basically means a shield. The disease is common now a day, especially among women and our Clinic is devised exactly to meet the modern needs regarding the disease. A visit surely will convince even the harshest of critic.

Pain Clinic

Pain as distinct from part and parcel of a disease or an injury is only a recent development. Any patient whatever is his reckoning for life deserves an abetment of pain if we can provide it and that exactly is what the Clinic fulfills.

Even though Pain may not be a disease it might need treatment. The Clinic identifies the cause of Pain and through simple Clinical procedures alleviate it.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Clinic

Even though Charles Dickens characterizes this disease in his famous novel Pickwick Papers it was only in 1980’s it was identified as a disease which can be treated and before long a clinical facility was assorted for treatment.

It is much more recognized now by modern generation and if possible they look for treatments resulting in post modern developments in clinical facilities which are all available to the core at our clinic.

Child Guidance Clinic

A Child naturally needs guidance and it is not an unidentified issue that there are difficult kids around whom parents can’t manage and who might need professional help. Bring them to our Clinic without any fear of any aftermath that it might affect their reckoning later. On the contrary it will only improve it, that’s their reckoning. Others are sure to feel more confident about them.

Respiratory Rehabilitation Clinic

As we all know irrespective of links to other diseases respiration often can be a problem basically due to legacy and higher due pulmonary problems. We at West fort Hospital havee an exclusive clinic to diagnose and treat the problem so that it prevents unnecessary suspicions regarding.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

For those who want to quit it, that is smoking, we very much can direct you as according to your convenience and comfort. Certainly not a good habit for it can produce more complicated and serious diseases and since it is a casual or serious habit for most of men and some of women we have a clinic which deals with nothing else… So please come forward without any doubts or dilemma.

Facilities Available ( 24 Hours )

Fully equipped & staffed casualty

Our Casualty works or is ready 24 x 7 and is never scarce of man power or other resources including a Doctor at any point of second. We as health care Professionals do value Human Life and are fully aware that even a second’s lateness can cost a Family or Society. Hence our Casualty is fully equipped and on the mark all the time.

Clinical Laboratory

For any diagnosis or to make sure a particular person is not a Patient, a thorough and well implemented Laboratory needs to be always at hand for Doctors as well as Patients. After all it is the patients and their family and relatives who are desperate to know. Our Lab and technicians are fully or absolutely empathetic to this reality and works accordingly with the latest and high in Medical Laboratory technology to assist them.

Blood Bank

Even though people make and deposit money in Banks the same is not the case with what ultimately decides their lives. However, Westfort Hospital have strived for and has created a Blood Bank. It is basically through our continuous, persistent and sustaining efforts that include an enlightening of people regarding the importance of Blood Donation that we have managed the facility. We hope we surely can say we are proud of ourselves regarding if our self appreciation can be excused and understood.

Spiral CT scanner

Not just one, but a series of pictures with clarity and precision from within the body of a human being, that’s what the scanner does. Don’t you think it can be of great help for diagnosis as well as for understanding the progress a patient has achieved? We have it and so be sure our Doctors know exactly want they are facing right from the inside and not just from outside hypothetic.

500 MA X-Ray unit

High quality pictures without doubt can improve a Doctor’s diagnosis as well as a Patients or rather his or her relatives and friends understanding of what their relative or friend is affected with. That’s exactly what a 500 MA x-ray provides. We have it. So be sure you know what is being treated and why. You also can keep it in your records for further reference or clarity.

E.C.G. Service

Electro cardiogram is perhaps common now. Still it has to be there in its latest and most efficient form. That’s what we have and we constantly update.

Intensive Coronary Care Unit

Constant and consistent monitoring of cardiac rhythm is of utmost necessity for suitable and immediate medical intervention in case of acute cardiac patients. Our coronary unit is well accomplished with the most recent of technologies more than fulfills the job.

Medical ICU, Post Operative ICU, Neurology ICU & Neurosurgical ICU.

Intensive Care Units are perhaps that decide a hospital. Our Hospital has three particular ICU’s functioning apart from the normal medical ICU.

Neurology is different in many respects from all other branches of Medical Science since it deals a lot with the subjective conditions also. Hence it has two separate and exclusive ICU’S.

Dialysis Unit

Blood needs to be pure but often it is not due an excess of waste and water. Our Dialysis unit meets the challenge efficiently and effectively because the unit is that much resourced technically as well technologically.

Operation Theatres (7 Nos. )

Operations often can’t wait. Hence to meet any such immediate necessity we have seven fully equipped and ready to function operation theaters with facilities to the brim.

Dietary & Canteen

As by our habit and Culture we all have our own diets. But often this might need significant change which may not be easy or practical other than by proper external direction. Our Dieticians can fill the need and their Dietary might save the day.

For normal routine refreshment and lunch the Hospital has a canteen.

Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

A most modern way to find and remove kidney stone without the introduction of any instruments into the body is what ESWL enables; in other words non-invasive. The Hospital is fully facilitated with the requirements.

Dept. of Investigation

An exclusive and well equipped department for investigating into the disease as well the Patient so as to anticipate, obviate and decide treatments is an especial feature of the Hospital which clears the road to cure and makes the journey to cure more fluent and less anxious.


Our Pharmacy makes sure the latest medicines and surgical items are available and nobody needs to run around outside in search of them.

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