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Of all Nephrology hospitals Kerala Westfort Hitech Hospital stands out the best! The department has full diagnostic facilities available for all kidney related diseases.

In Westfort Hitech Hospital, the best Nephrology hospital Kerala, Dialysis is provided to any critically ill patient with multi-organ dysfunction (on blood pressure or ventilator support) in ICU like:

SLED: Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis – a gentle dialysis for sick patients with low blood pressure.

CRRT: Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy -for sick patients with very low blood pressures or on ventilator support. This is a continuous process (over 24 hrs) of cleaning the blood of toxic metabolic waste.  This also helps in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and providing adequate nutrition to critically ill patients.

APD: Automated Peritoneal Dialysis provides safe (water) dialysis for patients with bleeding problems (especially haemorrhage in the brain), who cannot be given medicines (heparin) to thin their blood.

CAPD: Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis facilities are available for patients from distant and remote areas and those professionals who would like to independently manage things on their own at home. Simple complications can be managed on an out-patient basis utilizing an APD machine, where necessary, avoiding the costs of hospital admission.

Dialysis access surgery: Most dialysis access procedures are done under local anaesthesia by an experienced surgeon and involve admission for just a day.

Plasmapheresis :  The unit now has considerable experience with Plasmapheresis, which has proved to be  of great help in a variety of renal and non-renal cases.

Charcoal haemoperfusion: This has been successfully used for treating patients with certain forms of poisoning.

Paediatric Nephrology: Facilities are now available for diagnostic nephrology and full dialysis facilities for paediatric patients, under the care of a full time Paediatric Nephrologist. Very few hospitals provide paediatric dialysis facilities.

Renal Transplantation: Kidney transplant services are done from live related donors by our skilled surgeons, with extensive experience abroad.

As one of the reputed Nephrology hospitals in Kerala, Westfort Hitech Hospital has employed many skilled Nephrology specialists to provide advanced Nephrology services.

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