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Westfort Hi-Tech Hospital Ltd situated at Thrissur, the Cultural Capital of South Indian State Kerala, designated ISO 9001-2008, is an ultramodern sophisticated hospital constituting of 300 beds in tandem with comprehensive clinical as well as super specialties. The year 2002 found not only its inception but also a complete transformation of tertiary medical care in these parts of the country from that of ordinary to quality par excellence as the Hospital with its excellent professional expertise and state of the art medical facilities catered itself to all the needy patients. The unique feature of the hospital is an efficiency and enthusiasm for health care and an availability of the diverse features of Medical care under one single roof. The experience and expertise of the consultants, the philanthropic approach of nursing care, the able assistance of paramedical staff are further features that transcends healthcare with a humane touch into an all together different dimension. Complementing these technical aspects are the Management and Administrative aspects that provide excellent hospitalization facilities, the latest state of the art medical equipments and above all an attitude that makes sure that the incurred expenses are most economical and very much affordable for even the commonest among common man.

Over the years the Hospital’s reputation grew both in magnitude and dimension, as much enough for it to become a tertiary care referral center, not just for local patients alone, instead it forayed itself into the minds of the large populace from Kerala living and working in the Gulf Countries. The consistency of excellent services being rendered was such that it caught the interest of NRI patients further Gulf as well and also of genuine foreign patients who were impressed by the exemplary standards that prevailed.

Our hospital is empanelled with major Govt. corporate sectors like ESI Corporation, Food Corporation of India etc.

We are very privileged and proud to announce that West fort Hi-Tech Hospital is listed as a major Hospital in India, entitled for the utilization of Prime Minister National Relief Fund for the treatment of patients, which facilitates further affordability for patients with monetary constraints.

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