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The Urology department at Westfort hi-tech hospital focuses on best medical and surgical care for diseases that affect the female and male urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs. We have the Best Urologist Thrissur in our team of professionals who offer treatment on a par with international standards. Apart from the regular treatments, we also offer specialised care for certain ailments. Hi–Tech Hospital is the only centre in Thrissur District where Renal Transplant is done. About 40 Renal Transplantations were successfully done without any major operative complications by a team of efficient Doctors and Staff.

We have specialised Stone Clinic for expert kidney stone treatment. Procedures like PCNL, URS, ESWL etc. are offered under the guidance of Best urologist Thrissur.

Special Andrology clinic at the department focuses on treatments for Erectile Disfunction. Procedures like Penile revascularization, penile prosthesis etc. The Oncology section at the department provides non-invasive and most recent treatment facilities. If you have problems in the urinary tract like blood in your urine, a frequent or urgent need to urinate, pain in your lower back, pelvis, or sides, pain or burning during urination, trouble urinating, urine leakage, weak urine flow, dribbling etc. visit the Best urologist Thrissur at Westfort hi-tech hospital for expert treatment.

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